How I Got Here

I have always been a curious person. As a child I was always asking questions. My father said I must have been vaccinated with a phonograph needle. He had a weird sense of humor. Yes, I said phonograph not even eight track. I am that old.

I was a musician first. i studied piano for a number of years, loved it and even won a competition in my age group, twelve years old. Then I studied voice – something I continued most of my life. I had a nice career singing opera and I got to perform with many of the famous singers of those years.

I came to writing just a few years ago and have worked hard to learn the craft. I have one first draft of a novel that needs a revision and a second novel with the first draft almost complete.

The other night I was at a concert and I found myself listening in a completely new way. I tried to figure out why I tensed at times. Why did I sigh with relief other times? What was happening in the music that I reacted to and how could it help me go deeper in my writing and/or help with the revision process.

I am not an expert. I merely want to explore this new experience. If anyone has comments on this idea I would love to hear them.


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